A portfolio without any pretense. Sparse on text and smooth in delivery - as a site, it's as simple and rewarding as they come. Shots made up of striking and beautiful photo-sets are on offer here too.
– Linkdup.com

Here the makers did without too ambitioned design and put the actual page content, series of photos, in the foreground. Exemplary. (...) on Peter Funch’s site everything has been put into shape relatively cautiously and the single photo series can be called up easily thanks to the simple navigation. The perfectly balanced choice of photo series is surely a further advantage of the page.
– Digitalcraft.org

Judging from the thoughtful work and precision of its presentation Peter was struck by graphic inspiration when working on a theme presentable through his online portfolio. This stingingly restrained yet highly approachable portfolio site is a definite standout among others of its type.
– Digitalthread.com

Featured in the book TASCHEN's 1000 Favorite Websites

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